Chinook Salmon

Sacramento River Chinook Salmon

Chinook fishing on the Sacramento River starts for me in mid-July and can run through November. When fishing salmon below Redding we’ll use Pro Troll 360s, troll with bait and spinners on a dropper, and backtroll Kwikfish. We’ll also backbounce current seams for salmon, which is a fun way to go after these hard fighting Chinook.

As Chinook salmon make their way up the Sacramento River, we’ll follow them to the hatchery, just out of Redding. In this part of the Sacramento River we’ll do more bait fishing and backtroll a variety of plugs. Here, the backbouncing can be very productive, and is a fun way to catch these salmon.

Chinook salmon in this part of the Sacramento River are big. The average salmon will weigh in at about 25-pounds, even more. Occasionally we’ll catch a prized 50-pound Chinook salmon. Daily and possession limits can change from season to season, so contact me or consult California’s fishing regulations for the most up to date regulations.

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